Game Changing Technology: In Life and Investing

UX Wealth Partners is one of the leading platforms for today’s growth minded RIAs. As the leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, UX Wealth Partners is the premier turnkey asset management platform for today’s forward-thinking advisors. Our commitment to innovation led to a nomination for "Model Marketplace of the Year" in 2022.

Today, advisors and clients alike are searching for ways to understand and implement these groundbreaking solutions. After achieving record growth over the past few years, our advisor community has shared some of the secrets to their success in client conversations. One of the cornerstones of their client conversations is utilizing analogies to explain the power these technologies can have on client outcomes. The analogies are designed to make technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning more relatable and easier to understand for diverse audiences.

One impactful analogy discusses the impact that caddies can have on professional golfers. Did you know that over twenty-five years the average difference between first and second place across all four majors was just two strokes?! The difference between having a great caddie and an average caddie could be the difference between winning a major and finishing second. With the United States PGA Championship beginning tomorrow in Louisville, Kentucky we couldn't think of a better example than golf.  

According to the United States Golf Association you are allowed 14 clubs in your bag during any given round, with each club going a different distance and having different utility. Let’s say that you consistently hit your 7 iron 155 yards in perfect conditions while at sea level. How would you adjust as conditions change? Professional golfers rely on data, technology, analytics, and caddies who know the golf course and conditions to tell them how to adjust in order to hit their target under varying conditions.

A change in conditions would force you to think whether or not you need to hit the 7 iron or go into your bag to adjust for the variables. For example, how would you adjust for:

  • Playing at altitude?
  • 20 mph headwind or tailwind?
  • Hitting up or down a hill?
  • Good lie or bad lie?
Today, amateur golfers can buy technology that uses artificial intelligence to help them account for these variables. It’s like having a professional caddie in your pocket! Similarly, artificial intelligence can act like a caddie for your portfolio. It measures current market conditions and decides how to adjust to consistently hit your target. With investing, there are much more than fourteen options available so having technology that can adapt has been a real game changer for today’s forward thinking advisors.

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