UX Wealth Creates Exclusive Partnership with MyStockDNA

AI-driven investment strategist brings new UMA model portfolios to RIAs on UX Wealth’s platform.

Denver, Colorado. October 1, 2023 – UX Wealth Partners ("UX Wealth") today announced a partnership with MyStockDNA for exclusive access to their AI-driven model portfolio technology, now available on the UX Wealth model marketplace. Leveraging AI and machine learning reinforcement learning technologies, MyStockDNA's strategies join 75+ other model portfolios available to UX Wealth advisors.

"We're always looking for superior strategies and technologies to help RIAs build a better future for themselves and their clients. MyStockDNA's investment technology and true AI-driven managed account capabilities provide the value and differentiators that today's advisors need to stand out," said Kyle Wiggs, co-founder at UX Wealth Partners. "We're excited about the partnership and the further development of their technologies applied across strategies on our model marketplace and the ability to help MyStockDNA trade across multiple custodians at scale."

Investments on UX Wealth's model marketplace leverage digital signal processing, AI and machine learning algorithms, and pattern matching to create dynamic portfolios for investors. UX Wealth's advisor and client portal is powered by AI-driven portfolios, multi-custodial trading, custom reporting, risk monitoring solutions, and a suite of financial planning integrations. Supported by ETF Action's customizable investment analytics, users can access in-depth research on investment strategies from MyStockDNA and all other model providers available on UX Wealth to create dynamic portfolios on the fly.

"We launched MyStockDNA to bring value in AI and Quant-based investment models to the investment community and share the same passion as UX Wealth to bring technology to RIAs," added Sudhir Holla and Sudhir Pai, Co-Founders & Managing Partners at MyStockDNA. "UX Wealth is the perfect channel for us to reach RIAs and investors with our AI-driven strategies designed to evolve to changing market conditions. "Darwin," our AI model, was designed to manage risk even when a "blindfolded chimp" picks stocks. This exclusive partnership complements UX Wealth's advisor-focused offering to deliver alpha and technology that grows AUM.

"We look forward to further ingraining "Darwin" into their best-of-breed ecosystem to support their OMS, execution, and open architecture capabilities."

Prof Kumar Muthuraman, the faculty director of the Center for Research and Analytics at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin, serves as an advisor and early investor in MyStockDNA and had this to say about the partnership, "The concept of managing risk and as a by-product achieving superior returns is exciting, and this partnership allows us to take academic theory and scale it through UX Wealth to a larger population of financial advisors. We look forward to hosting UX Wealth and their advisors on our campus in January 2024 in what promises to be an exciting event."

About UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven TAMP for the RIA community that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to managers that are experts in various technology disciplines. They provide exclusivity to qualified advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor they serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for their advisor partners. In addition, UX Wealth Partners has certain investment models exclusive only to UX Wealth Partners advisors. This advisor-focused offering contains models that produce results, technology that grows AUM, and enables advisors to focus on their clients and business.

About MyStockDNA

myStockDNA is a AI and Quantitative investment platform that help investors manage risk and as a by-product get higher returns by letting multiple trading models and AI algorithms compete within an individual portfolio. Portfolios are designed to be actively managed and can be customized for different risk profiles and different markets. For more information about myStockDNA, visit

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