UX Wealth Partners Featured in CoinDesk - Crypto Insights for 2022


Public sentiment on digital assets is also shifting, said Kyle Wiggs, co-founder and CEO of UX Wealth Partners.  UX Wealth Partners' THOR Technologies was among the first to create a digital assets product within separately managed accounts for financial advisors.

Wiggs believes that economic trends in 2022 could kindle new interest and zeal for crypto.

“When you look at studies out there, the exponential shift in mentality and acceptance for digital assets is unbelievable,” Wiggs said. “If inflation continues, if we get three rate hikes or more this year, if we continue to pump more money into the financial system, it will start to become a real thing for advisors, and if they don’t embrace it, crypto becomes a real threat to their business. Clients want exposure; if you don’t offer it in a simple and compelling way, they will take a percentage of their portfolio and go elsewhere.”

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