UX Wealth Adds Qraft’s AI-Driven Strategies to its Model Marketplace

CENTENNIAL, Colo. February 2, 2022 - UX Wealth Partners ("UX Wealth") announced the addition of Qraft Technologies ("Qraft") to its model marketplace. Qraft's alpha-generative deep learning-based algorithms join an exclusive roster of AI-driven investment solutions available to UX Wealth advisors. From security selection to portfolio construction and asset allocation, Qraft's proprietary AI engine optimizes the alpha -focused investment process. 

Qraft leverages AI to manage security selections, providing low-cost active managed exposure to U.S. stocks. Holdings are evaluated by deep learning technology to target return potential based on several macro variables (rates, economic growth, etc.) and equity factors such as quality, size, value, momentum and volatility. Qraft's in-house vertically integrated AI suite offers nimbleness and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of investors and conditions of the market.

"Qraft's entirely AI-driven investment process continues to prove its solutions on the global scale. We share a passion to bring technology to investing for RIAs and are excited to be their first SMA partner in the U.S.," said Kyle Wiggs, co-founder at UX Wealth Partners. "Qraft's investments and underlying technology are a driving force for delivering strategic risk management in today's volatile markets. We've unlocked access to an asset manager on the leading edge of AI in finance for the advisors on our platform."

Investments on UX Wealth's model marketplace leverage digital signal processing, AI and machine learning algorithms, and pattern matching to create dynamic portfolios for investors. UX Wealth's advisor-focused offering enables RIAs to focus on their clients and business with investment choices that deliver alpha and technology that grows AUM.

"Our mission is to use technology to fundamentally transform investing for the better by providing scalable, highly cost-effective alpha," said Robert Nestor, Qraft US CEO. "By using AI to seek higher return strategies and completely manage the weights of ETFs, we offer a unique investment solution that we're excited to bring to the portfolios available on UX Wealth's platform."

In today's marketplace, RIAs need to be differentiated, empowered by technology that fuels service models and validates fees. UX Wealth's AI-driven TAMP combines an advisor and client portal with digital onboarding, AI-driven investments, trading, custom reporting, risk monitoring solutions, and a suite of financial planning integrations. UX Wealth integrates with leading technology providers to deliver portfolio management and client engagement solutions in a unified TAMP that enables RIAs to build and manage dynamic portfolios.

About UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven TAMP for the RIA community that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to managers that are experts in various technology disciplines. They provide exclusivity to qualified advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor they serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for their advisor partners. In addition, UX Wealth Partners has certain investment models exclusive only to UX Wealth Partners advisors. This advisor-focused offering contains models that produce results, technology that grows AUM, and enables advisors to focus on their clients and business. 

About Qraft Technologies

Qraft Technologies, Inc. is on a mission to transform alpha delivery in asset management. From data processing to alpha research and trade signals, Qraft has a track record of developing innovative AI solutions that have been adopted by major financial institutions and turned into successful AI products and services, including one of the leading AI-driven equity ETF platforms and Korea's largest robo-advisor engine provider.