UX Wealth Integrates with ETF Action to Bolster RIA Model Marketplace

CENTENNIAL, Colo. Jan. 20, 2022 - UX Wealth Partners ("UX Wealth") announced an integration with ETF Action, an independent technology, and research firm focused on helping financial advisors build better portfolios and navigate the ETF landscape and RIA model marketplace. Advisors on the UX Wealth platform now have access to ETF Action's research tools to analyze and compare thousands of ETFs and stocks. In addition, the partnership will leverage ETF Action's workflow automation and custom integrations to display investment analytics, auto-generate fact sheets, compare investment options, and create custom models.

UX Wealth's AI-driven TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Platform) combines an advisor and client portal, digital onboarding, investment solutions powered by AI-driven portfolios, trading, custom reporting, risk monitoring solutions, and a suite of financial planning integrations. Supported by ETF Action's customizable investment analytics, advisors have access to in-depth research on how investments from THOR Financial Technologies, AI Funds, StockSnips, Qraft, and others use technology to create dynamic portfolios.

"Our platform relies on unique technologies to power growth for financial advisors and deliver better outcomes with more efficiencies. ETF Action is a perfect complement to our TAMP by providing several benefits to the growing number of advisors utilizing model portfolios and ETFs," said Kyle Wiggs, co-founder, and CEO at UX Wealth Partners. "The ETF Action team understands the technology needs of advisors and what it means to provide them with modern investment solutions that mitigate downside risk and smooth out the investment ride. We're excited to establish this partnership and provide advisors with critical tools that help distinguish their brand in a crowded advisor marketplace."

The portfolios on the platform leverage digital signal processing, AI and machine learning algorithms, and pattern matching to create dynamic portfolios for investors. Through these partnerships, UX Wealth offers exclusivity to qualified advisor partners in their respective markets and brands the platform to each advisor, a combination that powers significant growth for RIAs.

"UX Wealth's integration with our technology platform provides their growing advisor network with access to a fully automated, transparent and repeatable process for building and delivering personalized models to their end clients,” said Mike Akins, CEO and founding partner of ETF Action. "We're excited to work with the UX Wealth team to continue to redefine the interaction skilled RIAs have with model portfolios.”

In today's marketplace, advisors need to be differentiated, empowered by technology that fuels service models and validates fees. After years of due diligence, UX Wealth partnered with leading technology providers including Bridge Financial Technology, FlyerFT, StratiFi, and Income Lab to deliver portfolio management and client engagement solutions in a unified TAMP that enables RIAs to build and manage dynamic portfolios unlike any other TAMP available today.

About UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven TAMP for the RIA community that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to managers that are experts in various technology disciplines. They provide exclusivity to qualified advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor they serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for their advisor partners. In addition, UX Wealth Partners has certain investment models exclusive only to UX Wealth Partners advisors. This advisor-focused offering contains models that produce results, technology that grows AUM, and enables advisors to focus on their clients and business. For more information about UX Wealth Partners, visit

About ETF Action

ETF Action was founded in 2018 to simplify and expand investing by delivering best-in-class technology to financial professionals through a user-friendly cloud-based platform. Popular platform features include: quickly navigate and research markets to formulate ideas and align (select) investments via powerful data mapping tools; design, build and showcase portfolios in the interactive model marketplace; create custom stock portfolios (direct indexes) leveraging reverse screening functionality; and deliver custom (white-label), client facing reports.